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How to Contract is ready to help lawyers and professionals like you tackle the challenging world of commercial contracts.

We all face challenges learning practical contract skills.

For some of us, it is learning the basics.

For some, it is understanding the nuances.

And for others of us, we need ongoing refreshers.

The HTC Training Library offers a solution. 

We offer attorneys and professionals who work with contracts what they need in one place to become highly proficient with business-critical documents.

Solve your training problems with a subscription to our HTC Training Library.

"So what kind of videos and training materials are included?"

We've cataloged most of the training included in the HTC Training library. Click below to see what is included.  

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You'll get immediate access to 70+ hours of Laura's training on practical contracting techniques and tactics for negotiating common provisions and issues.

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You can download 80+ checklists, guides, negotiating scripts, and more to help you know what to say and when in your contracts.

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You can access online all 400+ of Laura's contract tips and cartoons. They are organized by subject and searchable by keword.

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Here's what some people love about How to Contract's training resources

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Enterprise Accounts

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Imagine one of your business clients hands you an important contract that needs review. 

You’ll know what to look for in your review and how to draft the critical points.

You’ll enter the negotiations with that confidence, comfortable that you’ve got the skills and knowledge to protect your company or client. 

You’ll find joy in your work because you know what you need to do instead of worrying about what you don’t know. Working with contracts will be a breeze instead of feeling like a chore.

Are you looking for an enterprise solution?


The HTC Training Library is a great choice for scalable contract training.

We are here to equip your team with everyday contract skills. That’s what this training is all about. And “everyday” should not be interpreted as “mundane.”

How to Contract trains on the skills that rock star in-house attorneys and professionals use every day to support their internal clients. Yet, somehow, few companies take advantage of the value that adding these skills to the broader business provides. at makes How to Contract your competitive advantage!

This training is what your company needs if you want to:

  • Reduce your business risk by educating key commercial-project stakeholders.

  • Take basic-but-important work off your plate without worrying about things derailing.

  • Help your team become better partners to their business leads through improved understanding of the practical side of contracting.

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