How to Contract is now on Alexa!

You can listen to Laura's practical contract tips through any Amazon Echo device or Alexa app.

Add Practical Contract Tips to Your Alexa Device or App

Now there's no excuse for not getting your daily dose of Laura Frederick's contract tips. She's created an Alexa Skill.  Follow the directions below to add How to Contract's skill called "Contract Tips" to your Alexa library.

First, add "contract tips" to your enabled Alexa skills. Here are three ways to do that:

Add to Your Desktop

Sign in to your Amazon account on your desktop and click here to add "contract tips" to the Alexa skills.

Enable on Your Amazon Device

Tell your Amazon Echo or other voice-enabled device, "Alexa, enable contract tips skill." 

Add on Your Mobile App

Open your Alexa app, click on the menu, select "Skills," and enter "How to Contract" or "contract tips." 

Then say "Alexa, open contract tips." 


And that's it!


Alexa will read you one of Laura's practical contract tips.