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Learn from Laura Frederick and other contract superstars how we draft and negotiate contracts in the real world.

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The How to Contract Conference offers the training I always wanted but could never find.

I am Laura Frederick, Founder of How to Contract. I spent my career as a commercial contracts lawyer looking for a practical training on the specific techniques and tactics used by experienced lawyers. 

The conferences I did find were too niche, too vague, or too academic. 

I curated the content and hand-selected the speakers from the best contract lawyers I know. 

Together we present eight hours of practical contract training on exactly how we draft and negotiate contracts in the real world. 

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400 Conference Attendees Had to Say...

"I learned more during this conference than I had in any other CLE, bar none."

- Susan, in-house contracts counsel with 19 years contracting experience

"Groundbreaking is the word that best captures the significance of the How to Contract Conference. It captured excellent insights of renowned experts in a crisp, comprehensible manner that can be readily deployed in contract negotiations."

Will, law firm partner and former Fortune 500 General Counsel 

"How to Contract is exactly the kind of conference I've been wanting my entire professional contracts career, but didn't previously exist. Whether you are new to contracting or a seasoned professional, you will benefit from the content. There's a lot packed into each 30-minute segment."

Mindy, contracts manager with 12 years of contract experience.

"The How to Contract Conference was very helpful in providing great insight and advise on how to improve contract negotiations and processes. A very unique (first of its kind that I have ever found) opportunity to hear from some highly respected contract experts. Highly recommend it to anyone who works on contracts for their work."

Paul, in-house counsel with 25 years of contracting experience

"A very unique opportunity to hear from some highly respected contract experts. Highly recommend it to anyone who works on contracts for their work."

Tobias, in-house contracts counsel with 8 years experience

"Fantastic conference. Relevant and practical advice. I wish there was something like this when I was a baby attorney."

Anthony, law firm partner

"As a law student, being exposed to this type of content is something extremely valuable. It not only helped drive my interest to work in the field of transactional law but I believe has prepared me to be more effective in doing so."

Keegan, law student

"Thank you Laura for a fascinating conference! The speakers did a fantastic job and every session was packed with information. I didn't expect to get so much value out of one event!"

Gwendoline, legal translator

Check out the session topics... 

Learn from these amazing lawyers

I spent years frustrated by the lack of practical training for commercial contract attorneys and professionals. I dreamed of a conference that would explain what I needed to do my job. But never found one. So now I'm creating the kind of conference I needed.

I have assembled this amazing group to do just that! Learn real-world insights and techniques that I and these contract pros use every single day to make our jobs easier (and clients happier).

Nada Alnajafi

Founder, Contract Nerds

Sue Bunnell

SVP and Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo

Hebe Doneski

Founder, 108 Legal

David Fligor

Partner, Paradigm Counsel

Ross Guberman

President, Legal Writing Pro

Chad King

Partner, King Fischer

Stephen Kong

Partner, Winston and Strawn

Lisa Lang

General Counsel, Kentucky State University

Gabe Meister

Founder, Meister & Steiner

Cheryl Mullin

Shareholder, Mullin Rybicki

Jonathan Perkel

General Counsel, Qapital

Joe Regalia

Professor, University of Nevada - Las Vegas School of Law, and Founder,

Marcia Narine Weldon

Director, Transactional Skills Program, University of Miami Law School

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Listen to why Jonathan Perkel, a conference speaker, thinks new lawyers benefit from attending the How to Contract Conference. 


It's decision time. I know you'll learn a lot from the Conference speakers.


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