Join us on January 19, 2023 at 1 pm ET for our next free training event Contract Blind Spots: Practical Training on Niche Concepts and Provisions. 

We all have blind spots when it comes to contracts - topics on which we've received little training and aren't sure how to handle. 

Working with contracts requires you understand a lot of topics covered in our deals. We usually focus our training on the high-risk core provisions like indemnity, limits of liability, licensing, data protection, and other similar concepts.

And while you might have a passing understanding of some of the niche topics in your contracts, you aren't really sure what to look for or what they should say. 

Well, this training is designed to help you with that knowledge gap.

We designed the Contract Blind Spots training program to round out your contracts expertise with six niche topics that are important in many contract relationships.

Check out these video clips from two of our speakers


Check out our speakers and topics! 

Click their pictures to access their LinkedIn profiles.

David Tollen

Founder @ Tech Contracts Academy

Session: Intellectual Property Issues With Data

Jamie Szal

Partner @ Brann & Isaacson

Session: Tax Provisions

Crystal Ware

Chief Risk & Insurance Strategist @ Empower 

Session: Insurance Provisions

Yoon Ettinger

Associate General Counsel @ Southern Company Gas 

Session: Attorney-Client Privilege and Record Retention

Aida Dismondy

Founder @ Dismondy

Session: Export Compliance Provisions

Jillian Bommarito


Session: Due Diligence for Contract Generalists

These speakers will walk through the core things you need to know to improve your skills and expand your understanding.

You’ll leave this training with a better handle on core issues and how to approach them.

Contract Blind Spots

Program Schedule

Our program starts at 1 pm ET and ends at 4:30 pm ET

  • 1:00 to 1:05 – Opening Remarks With Laura Frederick
  • 1:05 to 1:35 – Tax Provisions With Jamie Szal 
  • 1:35 to 2:05 –  Insurance Provisions With Crystal Ware
  • 2:05 to 2:35 – Export Control Provisions With Aida Dismondy
  • 2:35 to 2:55 – Break 
  • 2:55 to 3:25 – Attorney Privileges, Litigation Holds, and Record Retention With Yoon Ettinger
  • 3:25 to 3:55 –  Due Diligence for Contract Generalists With Jillian Bommarito
  • 3:55 to 4:25 –  Intellectual Property Issues With Data With David Tollen
  • 4:25 to 4:30 –  Closing Remarks With Laura  Frederick 

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