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Hi, I'm Flo Nicolas. I want to talk to you about contract technology.  

I spent my legal career working with technology. I've seen how the right tools saved me time and made me more efficient.  

But figuring out what contract tech is out there is overwhelming.

There are so many vendors and they all use the same jargon to explain their products. You don't have time to sort through them all on top of all the work you have to do.

Where do you even start?

How will you figure it all out?

I am here to help you make sense of the contract tech landscape.


How to Contract is all about providing practical advice for drafting and negotiating agreements.

We also are here to explain the tools that help lawyers and professionals do this even better.

There’s an overwhelming amount of content out there about legal and business software, but nothing specific to contracts. 

Even sales material from the developers themselves can be vague or confusing.

We want to help make sense of a cluttered, convoluted market. 

That's why we created our new educational video series called the Contract Tech Showcase.

  • Brand-new streaming series from contract-training leader How to Contract

  • A straightforward, practical look at the tech changing the contract landscape

  • The easiest way to navigate a complex space for smarter buying decisions

Minutes a Week Saves Hours of Research

Simplification, not complication. If that's what you want when it comes to contract tech, this is the show for you!

  • 30-minute show dedicated to a new product each time

  • 10 minutes for the company to demo its  contract tech solution

  • 20 minutes of Q&A with Flo and our guest panelist

  • Special vendor offers exclusively for show viewers

We'll Cover Everything Contract Tech

We'll feature the world of technology products that make it easier to draft, negotiate, execute, and manage contacts.


Contract Databases

Word Plug-ins

Contract Lifecycle Management

Automated Templates

Make You and Your Team More Efficient and Productive with the Right Contract Tech

If you’re like most contract lawyers, you’re not spending your time scouring the market for software. Contract Tech Showcase gives you the confidence you need for sound decision-making in this space.

  • Enjoy a fun and practical look at contract tech by a rising star in the contract tech industry
  • Find out what questions you should be asking vendors and how to interpret their answers
  • Understand how to leverage various types of tools for more efficient deal management
  • Learn about user-friendly solutions that automate everyday tasks to better prioritize your time
  • Rightsize your workload through actionable tech tips and insights not available anywhere else
  • Keep up with the latest tech trends without dozens of newsletters and trade pubs
  • Stop wasting time sifting through general legal resources to find contract-specific information
  • Pair with other HTC membership resources for a one-stop shop that meets all  your team's contract needs

Your Contract Tech Showcase Host:

Flo Nicolas

HTC Chief Growth & Community Officer


A groundbreaking show needs a groundbreaking leader. 

Known as the “Nonboring Lawyer,” Flo is widely respected for both her legal background and technology expertise.  She’s worked with attorneys and engineers on paperwork-filled, multimillion-dollar projects for years.

 In other words, Flo knows contracts.  More importantly, she knows how technology makes the drafting, negotiation, and lifecycle stages far easier to keep projects of all sizes moving swiftly and smoothly. 

 Having been in your shoes many times, Flo’s affable personality and diverse perspective cuts through the jargon to get right to the details you actually care about.  She’ll be joined by a guest expert during every show to help evaluate the ins and outs of each technology in practical, relatable ways.

Are YOU the Next Star of the Contract Tech Showcase?

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