Learn the Essentials of U.S. Government Contracts and Subcontracts at this Free Webinar

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What do we need to know about government contracts?  


We deal with many different legal and business issues as contract lawyers and professionals. 

But if you are like me, you pause when you see government contract-related issues. 

It’s an intimidating and confusing subject, and can be risky if we don’t handle it properly. 

The big question is, "How do we review, draft, and negotiate government contracting terms if we don’t have government contracts training?"

If you are wondering that too, then you should sign up to attend How to Contract's free virtual webinar on "How to Negotiate U.S. Government Contract and Subcontract Provisions."

Our speaker is Christoph Mlinarchik, a government contracts expert, lawyer, and former federal contracting officer who has written books and offers training to explain the complex legal structures and terms.

This free virtual webinar is for you if:

  • you want to learn how to spot issues related to government contracts, subcontracts, and deals,

  • you are interested in learning more about how to negotiate deals as a subcontractor to a government contractor,

  • you know what FAR means but are not quite sure what you need to know beyond that, or

  • you love learning new things and are curious about how government contracting works.

 This will be a lively event, with questions posed by me and my co-host, Amanda Merced, Head of Legal Affairs and Compliance at SparkCognition Government Systems.

Here's a sampling of the topics we covered in this webinar: 

  • Termination for convenience provisions
  • Concepts of apparent authority and the contracting officers
  • What is a contract vehicle and how to respond when asked about it
  • Different pricing structures and why some companies prefer fixed price
  • Important things to know about labor rates and government cost accounting
  • How FAR applies and to what parties
  • Compliance obligations and timelines
  • Which FAR provisions require extra care
  • Dealing with TINA and certified cost and pricing data demands
  • Self-deleting clauses
  • Marking requirements

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