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Learn what to say and when in your indemnification provisions

You can feel confident about drafting and negotiating these critical clauses. Attend our two-hour Essentials workshop on June 4, 2024, or our four-hour Mastery workshop on June 5-6, 2024.

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We are offering our Indemnification Provision Workshop in two formats.

The core content is the same, but the four-hour workshop dives deeper into the complexities, subtleties, and nuances that experienced lawyers and professionals use when working on indemnification provisions.

This workshop will help you overcome your indemnification roadblocks

Risk Allocation

Learn to master risk and effectively protect your interests

Tough Negotiations

Explore strategies to improve your outcome in difficult negotiations

Drafting Language

Find out how to modify and adapt your indemnification provision to specific contexts

Lawyers and professionals from our last indemnification workshop absolutely loved the training

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Indemnification Workshop Agenda

 Laura will cover these agenda items, getting into more details and nuances in the four-hour training workshop.

Part 1 - Indemnification Concepts: Defining indemnification, analyzing its relationship to insurance and limitations of liability, and using indemnification as a risk management tool 

Part 2 - Core Obligations: Deep dive into indemnify and hold harmless terminology, explaining how to match your approach on the defend element to your business goals, and strategies for deciding whom to include as indemnified parties

Part 3 - Indemnification Scope:  What to include in losses and claims language, different strategies for nexus language, and how to structure nexus to address your priorities and goals

Part 4 - Covered Claims, Exclusions, and Remedies: Detailed analysis of ways to shape your indemnity scope to cover infringement, bad conduct, product claims, and contract breaches. How and when to add exclusions to the scope. What to say in your IP infringement remedies.

Part 5 - Indemnification Process: What the process component should include as an indemnifying and an indemnified party. How to address settlement, cooperation, mitigation, and other rights and obligations of the parties.

Part 6 - Q&A: Ask Laura anything about the training or generally about indemnification provisions.


Meet your instructor, Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO of How to Contract

Laura Frederick is a technology transactions lawyer by training, having spent 25+ years working in global law firms and cutting-edge technology and energy companies like Tesla. She now teaches lawyers and in-house teams around the world what to say in your contracts and why. 

You get way more than just virtual training access.

Laura's Indemnification Playbook in Excel

Provisions, alternatives from each side of a deal

Audio recording

Listen during your break or on your commute

Slide deck and transcripts

Follow along as you watch the recording

Laura's indemnification tips and cartoons

Laugh and learn :)

Loads of job aids

Checklists, negotiation scripts, practical guides and more

Bonus video training

Access extra indemnification training 

Now is your chance to become an indemnification provision superstar!

2-Hour Indemnification Essentials Workshop

$145 for members - $195 for others

  • 2+ hours of live practical training¬†created and taught exclusively by Laura Frederick, including a question-and-answer segment
  • Audio-only recording¬†of entire live training program
  • 12 months of access to¬†the training, but keep your copy of the playbook and job aids forever
  • BONUS #1: Laura's Indemnification Provision Playbook¬†with sample language, issues, and suggested edits (personal license only)
  • BONUS #2: Training aids¬†designed by Laura to help you work on indemnification provisions, including checklists, charts, guides, negotiation scripts, and more
  • BONUS #3: 2 additional hours of video training on indemnification provisions

4-Hour Indemnification Mastery Workshop

$295 for members - $395 for others


Includes everything in the 2-Hour Workshop plus 2 additional hours of training, going much more in-depth into the subtleties and nuances of indemnification provisions.


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Get Laura's personal indemnification negotiation scripts.

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This workshop is for you if you want to expand your indemnification skills and truly understand how to approach these critical provisions and concepts.

  • Lawyers
  • Contract managers
  • Paralegals
  • Procurement managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup founders
  • International lawyers
  • Legal operations professionals
  • Contract tech product teams and programmers
  • Risk managers



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