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Elevate Your Team's Contract Expertise

The Unfortunate Dilemma Law Firms Face

Growth is good. Client growth, business growth, market-share growth. All good things.

But, to do this, your people need to undergo growth, too.
You rely on your highly-trained lawyers to manage your clients’ needs with care and competence. You rest assured knowing that they can handle the work so you can think big picture. As in, focus on growth.

That work for your clients includes helping with contracts, which makes drafting and negotiation skills a priority for their growth and your training and development goals.

Of course, we both know that there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to mastering these. Law school’s a start, but it’s the real world that’s the real school.

To date, there’s simply been no practical means for re-creating this practical experience.

But, what if I told you there were a way to bring your less-experienced lawyers up to speed quickly without cutting corners or costing your senior lawyers billing hours?

There is, and it’s transforming the way law practices train their people and service their clients.

Give Your People Your Skills Without Impacting Your Productivity

Remember when you were an up-and-coming attorney thrown into the deep end? All you wanted was for someone to show you the ropes so you could be better at what you do – for your sake and theirs.

At some level, that’s exactly what your own people are going through. Maybe they’ve spoken to you about it, or maybe they’re worried about what you might think if they came to you for help.

How to Contract removes this dynamic completely. It provides your rising stars with the fundamental skills they need to perform up to your expectations with absolute confidence.

It also removes this challenge for you as their manager. After all, even if you had the time to develop them yourself, just because you know a particular skill inside out doesn’t mean you have the skill to actually teach it. With How to Contract, you not only offer them expert subject matter, but you also offer them expert coaching that delivers it through an engaging online platform.

This training teaches your people what you need them to know about contracts. 

As a ex-Big Law practicing attorney with my own firm, I have high standards for my clients just like you do. I’ve designed this program the way I trained my teams of lawyers and professionals on contracts over the years. It covers the most important drafting and negotiation techniques I’ve picked up throughout my 25+ years in practice and still use every day.


They learn directly from one of the premier contract lawyers in the U.S., not from academics or unnamed writers.


Zero fluff. Only straightforward training on the skills you need them to have, delivered clearly and effectively. 


Digital microlearning means they can do it anywhere, anytime, for faster onboarding and skills development.

"How Do I Know If This Training Is Right for My Law Firm?"

Everyone has different expectations and needs when it comes to education of any kind, let alone in a field as complex as ours. Let's cover this first, then.

What this Training Is NOT

This isn't law school.

Been there, done that, we’re not going back. Where we’re going is into the trenches of contract law —i.e., the stuff I do all the time. So if you’re looking for the types of conditional language or case law summaries for your less-experienced lawyers, you’ll need to keep looking.

This is not a hodgepodge of content.

I’m not here to waste anyone's time with what amounts to a collection of articles in video form. This program was built from the ground up and includes interactive elements to engage them and track progress.

This is not about the mega M&A deal.

You know as well as I do that for every 10-month, 10-figure blockbuster, there are countless smaller NDAs, MSAs, EULAs, and RFPs with which your clients need help. These contracts require just as much tact and attention to detail from highly-talented lawyers who can turn them on a dime.

What this Training IS

I’m here to equip your lawyers with everyday contract skills. That’s what this training is all about.

For the avoidance of doubt (if I can revert to legalese for a moment), “everyday” should not be interpreted as “mundane.” Take this literally—these are the skills that best-in-class contract attorneys use every day to serve their clients. Yet, somehow, everyday talent is hard to find.

That makes How to Contract your competitive advantage!

This training is the single most important contract resource for your firm if you want to:

  • Enhance your bench strength so that any teammate can step into any contract project as needed.
  • Demonstrate commitment to your people for a more motivated and loyal employee base.
  • Gain more competitive resumes from eager lawyers who recognize how rare this benefit is among employers.
  • Improve your client service through a smarter, more competent team from top to bottom.
  • Be ready to take on more assignments from more clients who want to work with a best-in-class firm.

Ready to get started?

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