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We Are Always Learning About Contracts

Experienced contract lawyers and professionals understand that education never ends. Staying at the forefront of our field requires us to continually sharpen our skills.

After all, we operate in a living, breathing industry. Foundational training in contracts is essential, but it’s just that—a foundation. There’s always more to learn, no matter where your career takes you.

So I ask you this:

  • Lawyers and professionals, how do you ensure that you continue learning to maintain your hard earned edge?
  • Law firm partners, how do you make sure your team continues providing top-notch guidance to clients?
  • In-house counsel, how do you keep them engaged so you can continue to operate efficiently while protecting the company?

All are critical questions and all share an answer: How to Contract Network.


Your Solution for Ongoing Contract Training 

We all face challenges. For some us, it is learning the basics. For others, it is understanding the nuances.  For some, we need ongoing refreshers.

How to Contract Network is my answer to this recurring challenge. 

As a member, you have a single contract training hub to help you stay on top of what can be a very fluid industry.

There is no easier or more reliable way to empower yourself or your people.



How to Contract Network Members Enjoy Premium, Long-Term Benefits

I asked the hundreds of lawyers and professionals who signed up when the Network first launched what they value most about their membership. The answer was clear: the real-world insights and readymade contract resources that I and other pros use every single day to make our jobs easier (and clients happier).

My goal is to continue providing this type of support while also cultivating a community where others can meet and share their own knowledge directly with one another. Here’s what you can expect as a valued member of this community:

  • Access to all 380+ contract tips online, searchable by keyword and organized by topic, and with most featuring Laura's original contract cartoon
  • Build valuable industry connections through an exclusive, members-only LinkedIn group and monthly networking meetings.
  • Enjoy highly-relevant contract content on a regular basis that can be applied directly to your day-to-day business.
  • Access short and long-form training  videos by Laura on the most critical contract topics, with unlimited on-demand replays for 12 months. 
  • New contract tools from Laura every month, including training videos, contract guides, checklists, negotiation scripts, and more.
  • Access all recordings and show notes for How to Contract webinars featuring Laura and guest experts on a range of legal topics.
  • Receive an electronic copy of Laura’s book Practical Tips on How to Contract with straightforward insights and hands-on applications, not law school theory.

And there's more!

In addition to 15% savings across 12 months, anyone who signs up for an annual plan will also receive an exclusive bonus of an updated edition of Laura’s bookEven More Practical Tips on How to Contract—which has tripled in size since its initial release and won’t be available anywhere else until 1Q 2022.

Our Members Have Spoken!

Having access to all 365+ of Laura's contract tips is their favorite benefit of the How to Contract Network.

Here's a sample of some of Laura's contract tips. You can also follow Laura on LinkedIn and may see some in your feed, but that is no guarantee. The only way to make sure you see them consistently is as a member of the How to Contract Network. You'll get online access to the complete set, with the tips organized by topic and searchable by keyword.

What Some of Our  330+ Members Are Saying...


There is a grassroots revolution beginning in legal education, with more and more experienced practitioners beginning to share—rather than jealously silo—the benefit of years on the job. Laura Frederick is at the forefront of this revolution, and the members of her How To Contract Network include the best and brightest voices in our LinkedIn contract nerds community.”

– Rebecca Gray, Founder, The Entrepreneur's Lawyer

"Laura speaks in plain terms from experience. Her tips are no-nonsense and address the common areas of dispute, all driven by the goal of getting an agreement that fits the client's priorities and risk tolerance. Lawyers who draft contracts and litigate them can gain valuable insight from the HTC community that help them understand the business context of contractual provisions as well as why a provision is important to achieving the client's business goals and managing risk in later litigation."

-- Amy Falcon, Law Firm Partner

"Laura does an amazing job at breaking down terms and provisions without using legalese. I would highly recommend How to Contract Network to anyone looking to challenge themselves, grow, develop and enhance your contract negotiation skills. The wealth of knowledge I have gained is absolutely priceless. I've always loved negotiating and How to Contract Network is helping strengthen my skills."

– Flo Nicolas, In-House Counsel

“I joined the How to Contract Network to expand my practical expertise.  I look forward each week to the newest checklist, guide, negotiation script, or other contract tools. The training on limits of liability was especially good. I would recommend it to lawyers looking for quality contract content."

- Marin Kotze, Law Firm Managing Director and Co-Founder of

Membership Options and Discounts

Whether we’re talking about my firm or my training programs, I believe quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive. How to Contract Network is no exception.

Investing in yourself or your people is a must-do for real growth, but it shouldn’t require an agonizing budgeting exercise. I’ve always been about high value without the high cost, which is exactly what makes this such a clear opportunity for positive ROI in the near- and long-term.

I personally invite you to join our community using whatever option is right for you.

Basic Member


  • Online access to all 380+ of Laura's contract tips, indexed by topic and searchable by keyword, most with Laura's original contract cartoon
  • Admission to our members-only LinkedIn group
  •  My book "Practical Tips on How to Contract" with 91 contract tips (Nov 2020 edition in PDF, Kindle and EPUB formats)


Elite Member


  • Online access to all 380+ of Laura's contract tips, indexed by topic and searchable by keyword, most with Laura's original contract cartoon
  • Admission to our members-only LinkedIn group
  •  My book "Practical Tips on How to Contract" with 91 contract tips (Nov 2020 edition in PDF, Kindle and EPUB formats)

Plus these additional benefits: 

  • Practical training tools, including training videos, checklists, guides, annotated provisions, and negotiation scripts
  • Networking  opportunities with other Elite Members
  • Ongoing access to all my webinars with subject matter experts
  • Mobile app with easy access to your training tools and videos
  • New in August 2021 - a mentoring program  that connects lawyers  and professionals to grow and learn together

All new members get a PDF copy of this bonus, which is not available for sale anywhere

My book "Even More Practical Tips on How to Contract," updated to include 235 of my contract tips (April 2021 edition in PDF, Kindle, and EPUB formats)

We'd love to have you join us!

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