What Our Members Are Saying

Learn how How to Contract members around the globe have improved their skills, made professional connections, and advanced their careers through How to Contract training. 

"It's a community of people who are helping each other. You invest in yourself to be part of this community. It is investing not only in your professional development, but also your own well being. Because you get to feel more confident about yourself as a professional. I feel very supported, just being part of the community. I don't feel alone if I have a random contract question. That alone helps me boost my confidence in the way I show up at work."

Angela Han,  Senior Corporate Counsel and Life Coach from Baltimore, Maryland


"What Laura does is break down every part of the contract, explain how you can deal with it, or how you can negotiate it.  If you want to understand the background thinking behind creating all these contractual clauses, the things to beware of, the things to be on top of, how you negotiate, then Laura is the person to go to and How to Contract is the place to go." 

Seodi White, Transactional Global Legal Consultant from Malawi

"I've learned so much from Laura. I thought, to increase my
knowledge and expertise of contracting, this is this is the way to do it. In my day to day, there is some piece of every contract that I review where I'm going, "I wonder what Laura would say? I have her book bookmarked on my on my home page. So if there is a provision that I want to know the considerations that I should keep in mind, I check and see what she said about it." 

Aramide Fields, Assistant General Counsel living as an American expat in Japan


"Laura is on the cutting edge of a lot of modern aspects of how we practice law and how we draft. How to Contract is a great way to stay on top of the basics, stay on top of what's coming up and what's new. And for anyone who is a contract nerd like myself, that's cool." 

Arthur Baker, Real Estate and Business Law Attorney and Adjunct Law Professor from Tampa Bay, Florida