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Give us two days and you'll get the practical training you're craving to become the drafting and negotiating powerhouse you dream of being.


Join Us for the Best Practical Contract Training Event in the Universe

(Well, at least in our solar system.)

ContractsCon is a training and networking EXTRAVAGANZA focused on the practical contract drafting and negotiating skills that in-house counsel and contracts professionals need to know

This event is a zero-fluff, to-the-point training on the nitty-gritty details. ContractsCon includes:

  • speakers who get the in-house experience and can explain why we draft the way we do
  • training centered around provision-level playbooks for you and your company to use when you return to work
  • workshops that provide a deeper dive into more nuanced topics and include interactive group activities

ContractsCon is an annual training and networking event for in-house counsel and  contract professionals.

Hosted by How to Contract and Law Insider, this 2-day event will feature over 20 live training sessions with some of the most well-known contract experts. 

Our promise is to share with you the core skills and expertise you need to work in-house on commercial contracts.

All you have to do is show up ready to learn.

ContractsCon is NOT for everyone.

It is not about the mega deals.

ContractsCon is about the contracts you work on EVERY DAY. We want to help you learn how to draft and negotiate the deals you see all the time.

Because for every 100-page specialized contract sent to outside counsel, there are thousands of smaller but important ones that in-house counsel and professionals do day in and day out.

ContractsCon focuses on how we manage risk and make the tough decisions with less time and information than we need.

It is not a summary of recent case law.

ContractsCon is about providing actionable advice to help you do the work that you have sitting in your inbox RIGHT NOW.

It's not about case names or citations and we don't get into academic explanations.

ContractsCon focuses on the real-world expertise from experienced practitioners that you need to improve your contract skills and expertise and become better at drafting and negotiating in the real world.

It is not going to put you to sleep.

ContractsCon is about the fun and awesomeness of contracts. We are organizing it to be a true lovefest for everything contracts.  

Why not combine learning about contracts with having fun?

You'll meet other lawyers and professionals passionate about contract drafting and negotiating. Our sessions and workshops feature contracting superstars who love what they do and will share their excitement with you. Plus we're planning a ton of activities on-site and online to keep you engaged. 

So who is ContractsCon for?

ContractsCon is designed for in-house lawyers and professionals who want to learn:

  • the insights and techniques needed to handle the commercial contracts filling their inbox every day,
  • how experienced lawyers manage risk, work efficiently, and make the hard decisions in challenging circumstances,
  • WHAT to say, WHY to say it that way, and HOW to reach the best-negotiated deal you can with your contract counterparties.

Give us two days of your time and you'll walk away with enhanced skills that enable you to better protect your company and clients.

You'll gain more confidence.

 You'll finally leave those "I don't know" and "I'm not sure" frustrations behind you.

You'll also be able to network with other lawyers and professionals who share your desire to improve your skills and overcome any traces of imposter syndrome. 

Virtual ticket holders get access to 6 HOURS of no-fluff practical contract training by experienced practicing lawyers.

While the virtual tickets are awesome, people who attend in person in Miami get a lot more: 12 HOURS of training, including 6 hours of interactive skills workshops. They also get to meet people who want to improve their contract skills.

I do want to make sure you don't wait too long to get your ticket if you are coming in person. You see, there are only 300 tickets to the in-person event. We expect the tickets will sell out quickly. 

Don't risk being disappointed about missing the fun we'll have at the live event in Miami.

Here's Our Training Program at ContractCon (EST time zone)

Download the Virtual Schedule (EST time zone)
Download the In Person Schedule (EST time zone)

Check out the practical training sessions and workshops...

Here Are Four Ways We Made ContractsCon Into a Training Extravaganza

Reason #1:  ContractsCon uses a unique playbook-centered training approach

Every ticket holder will receive all the drafting and negotiation strategies in a user-friendly Excel format.


Reason #2: Ticket holders get preferred access to Contract Blind Spot training 

ContractsCon ticket holders can attend the live January 19, 2023 webinar (including chat with the speakers and other attendees), access the recordings through March 31, 2023, and have the speakers' advice included in the ContractsCon Playbook. 

Reason #3: Ticket holders get immediate access to How to Contract's SaaS Contracts Training Library 

ContractsCon ticket holders have immediate access to How to Contract's SaaS Contracts Training Library, with 20+ hours of training videos on SaaS contracting topics, plus lots more. 

Reason #4: ContractsCon will feature TermScout's contract market data in the training sessions

We'll be incorporating TermScout's insights and analytics into our training sessions. TermScout is the world's leading source for contract market data. This information will be available to both virtual and in-person viewers. 

Hold on!!! There's one more HUGE bonus for ALL ContractsCon ticket holders. 


ContractsCon Champion Sponsor TermScout is giving every ticket holder a free annual Scout plan, valued at $1,200 per year!!!!   You will have  one-year of access to it at no additional cost just for buying a ContractsCon ticket. Amazing!!!

Here's a video from Otto Hanson, TermScout's Co-Founder and CEO, explaining the bonus and giving a short demo of the incredible features and functionality included in this plan. 


Meet Laura Frederick, your ContractsCon event host

My name is Laura Frederick. I'm the Founder and CEO of How to Contract.  After 25 years of working as an attorney in Big Law and in-house in cutting-edge companies like Tesla, I decided to create the kind of contracts training I always wanted but couldn't find.

I created ContractsCon to give you the opportunity to level up your contract expertise and learn how our panel of contract superstars draft and negotiate contracts. 

 Our Featured Speaker


We are thrilled that Kwame Christian will lead TWO 60-minute workshops on negotiation techniques. 

Kwame is the Founder and CEO of the American Negotiation Institute (ANI).  He also serves as a business lawyer at the law firm of Carlile Patchen and Murphy LLP, is a contributor at Forbes, and professor of negotiation for The Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law the top-ranked dispute resolution program in the country, and as a professor of communication and negotiation at the MBA program at Otterbein University.

Kwame's negotiation workshops and the other workshops at ContractsCon are available only to those attending in-person in Miami. 

Check out the contract superstars speaking at ContractsCon! 

Click through on their pictures or titles to access their LinkedIn profiles.

Nada Alnajafi

Founder @ Contract Nerds 

Training Session: Let's Limit Our Liability!

Lucy Bassli

Founder and Principal, InnoLaw Group 

Workshop (In-Person Only): Conquering CLM and Contracting Chaos

Min Cho

GC @ 1337 Capital

Training Session: Let's Resolve Disputes!

Jennifer Chung

Counsel @  New Business Incubation Verizon 

Training Session: Let's Keep Secrets!

Marlene Eisenberg

Founder @ Strategic GC

Workshop (In-Person Only): Your Counterparty Breached. Now What?

Cleve Glenn

Equity Member @ Frost Brown Todd

Training Session: Let's Hit Our Numbers!

Ross Guberman

Founder @ Legal Writing Pro

Training Session: Let's Draft to Avoid Disputes!

Mary Hamaker

Deputy GC @ ServiceMax

Training Session: Let's Buy Services!

Elena Kohn

Associate Regional CLO @ AdventHealth

Training Session: Let's Terminate the Contract!

Joe Jones

Attorney @ D. J. Jones PLLC

Training Session: Let's Go International!

Gabe Meister

Co-Founder @ Meister & Steiner

Training Session: Let's Protect Our Intellectual Property!

Amanda Merced

Partner @ Ward&Berry 

Training Session: Let's Use Their Data!

Marcia Narine Weldon

Director, Transactional Skills Program @ Univ. of Miami Law School

Training Session: Let's Deal with Disasters!

Jonathan Perkel

GC @ Qapital 

Workshop (In-Person Only): Dissecting Indemnity Provisions

Krista Russell

Deputy GC @ Airbus OneWeb Satellites

Training Session: Let's Form a Contract!


Jenny Zador

SVP Legal @ Heap

Workshop (In-Person Only): Data Problems Caused By Your Contracts

Meet Flo Nicolas, your host for ContractCon's virtual sessions

Flo has been at the heart of How to Contract from the very beginning, at first as a member and then as our Chief Community and Growth Officer. She's now an entrepreneur with her own tech startup and television show. While Laura is on the stage leading the in-person events, Flo will be in the room hosting the virtual event, talking in the chat, asking the questions  posted online to the in-person speaker, and keeping it fun and interesting. We are so thrilled that she'll be part of this event.

Meet Lisa Lang, your co-host on ContractCon's main stage 

Lisa Lang is so much more than the Vice President and General Counsel of Ohio Northern University. She has been the heart of the LinkedIn contracts community. She also was one of How to Contract's founding members and continues to share her wisdom and insights in our community. She'll be joining Laura on the main stage to host the event and help coordinate the amazing speakers and training.

Meet Mike Whelan, your host of ContractsCon's lunchtime program

Mike Whelan needs no introduction to the contracts community. He hosts the incredibly popular Contract Teardown Show for Law Insider. During ContractsCon, he'll be filming two episodes of the show live during each lunch break. Laura Frederick will appear in the first session during Thursday's lunch. In-person ticketholders can watch it live. Virtual ticketholders will get access to the recordings.


If you are considering investing in yourselfyou may be thinking: "What makes this event worth my time, money, and energy? Why should I go?"

Here's how Laura Frederick, Founder of How to Contract, would respond:

"Look, I know what busy is. For years I juggled working intense in-house counsel jobs with being a single mom and only parent raising my four sons. 

But the truth that I figured out, and why I prioritized my contract skills training even when I didn't have the time or energy to spare, is this -

Your family and company depend on you.

And your professional skills are the most valuable asset that you have.

So don't you think investing in improving those skills makes a lot of sense

Yes, you could stay at the office and run around dealing with all the emergencies that seem to happen every day, but that will be waiting for you when you return to the office after a few days at ContractsCon.

You and I both know that you deserve this. I also would bet you need this.

Plus your company will benefit immeasurably from this.

And it is not like this is a vacation. Yes, it is in Miami and yes, we are going to have an amazing time. But that's not why you are going.

Attending ContractsCon is investing in yourself to enhance your skills so you can work better and smarter." 

If you are considering investing in your team, you may be thinking "What's the ROI for sending them? Is it the best use of our training spend?

Laura Frederick, Founder of How to Contract, has been there too and suggests you consider this perspective:

"Think about it this way. 

How many collective hours does your team work on contracts each year?

If attending ContractsCon makes them just 5% more efficient, how much would that translate into savings at their collective hourly rates over the course of a year? 

Then I'd ask you to think about the collective strategic value and importance of the contracts your team handles for your company.

If attending ContractsCon makes them 5% better at getting more favorable contract terms and reducing contract risk, what would that be worth?

By attending the ContractsCon, your team will learn:

  • techniques and insights that will help you work more efficiently

  • skills to better protect the company by improving how you manage contract risk

  • actionable steps, proven techniques, and insider approaches to take your contract skills to the next level.

The bottom line is that attending ContractsCon will help with your team's development goals and enable them to do their jobs for your company better and faster."

What about Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits? 

We are offering CLE credits for anyone attending live ContractsCon training sessions and workshops either virtually or in person. There will be six hours of instruction available with a virtual ticket and 12 hours of instruction available with the in-person ticket. We are not offering CLE credits for watching the recordings after the live event. Note that some states will issue CLE credits for watching recordings based on the lawyer's own reporting or application. Please contact your state bar for information about that option.

Check out what people loved about How to Contract's last annual conference

Which Kind of Ticket Works Best For You -

Virtual or In-Person?

Here's some information about what's included and the schedule of events for each type of ticket.


How to Contract has added a new four-hour live training program on February 15, 2023. This four hour live course enables lawyers to take a deeper dive into the operational and risk management aspects of working as an in-house commercial contracts attorney. The pre-conference program is not included in your ContractsCon ticket. We highlight it in case you want to expand your training beyond ContractsCon to include this other program.

ContractsCon ticketholders receive $100 off the cost to attend the Mastering Commercial Contracts program!


It's time to decide.

Are you joining us in person in Miami 

or would you prefer to join virtually?

In-Person Ticket

12 hours of practical contract training plus lots of networking and fun in person in Miami





 How to Contract paid members and Law Insider premium subscribers are eligible for 20% off, paying only $1195. No other discounts are available for the in-person event.

Virtual Ticket

6 hours of practical contract training that you can access from anywhere in the world




  • How to Contract  paid members and Law Insider premium subscribers are eligible for 20% off, paying only $595
  • Government and nonprofit employees and legal translators pay $295
  • University employees and full-time students purchasing with a school email pay $195

Tickets at the $295/$195 price are not eligible for CLE credit.

Buy a ticket + membership bundle for a BIGGER discount

Purchase a ticket to ContractsCon and a How to Contract membership together to save $200 off the current price. Find out more about membership.


In-Person Ticket + Annual Membership



Virtual Ticket + Annual Membership


Or get a GROUP DISCOUNT when you buy tickets for your team.

Save 10% when you buy five or more tickets for your team. Your discount goes to 15% if you buy ten ore more!


Everyone attending ContractsCon will receive:

  • 2 days of intensive practical training delivered by experienced attorneys hand-selected by Laura Frederick

  • A training agenda packed with practical, no-fluff, to-the-point techniques and expertise to do your job working on contracts

  • The ContractsCon Playbook, an Excel file with practical tips and pointers shared by the speakers and organized by provision and clause. We'll share the file with you before the event so you can use it to take notes during ContractsCon and then after you return home

  • Networking to make new connections for friendship, business contacts, and potential career opportunities.

  • Access to the recordings through March 31, 2023,  with an option to extend access through March 31, 2024.


Everyone who purchases a virtual or in-person ticket to ContractsCon will also receive these two extra bonuses:

BONUS #1 - As soon as you purchase your virtual or in-person ticket, you'll have online access to all of Laura's contract tips AND cartoons, organized by subject and searchable by keyword.  This access lasts until March 31, 2023, so the sooner you buy the ticket, the sooner you can start using this amazing resource. (Value = $228)

BONUS #2 - You'll also get access to the recordings for six upcoming 30-minute pre-conference training webinars. We'll open up the live event to anyone, but only ContractsCon ticket holders and How to Contract members will have access to the recordings. (Value = $570)


Want to share ContractsCon information with your boss or colleague?

Download our brochure, which features information about what ContractsCon is all about.

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"Whoohoo! I bought my ticket and I am coming to Miami. Where will the event be held?"

ContractsCon will be held at the University of Miami Shalala Center and co-hosted by the University of Miami Law School. (Go Hurricanes!).

This location is easily accessible from anywhere in Miami via the Metrorail's University Station.


"I'm so excited to be in the Coral Gables area in Miami. Where should I stay?"

You can stay anywhere! The event is at the University of Miami Shalala Center, so we are not tied to one hotel. The address of the Shalala Center is 1330 Miller Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146.  Most of us are booked at the THesis Hotel, a 4-diamond AAA hotel and the closest one to the event space at the Shalala Center.

You may find more information about parking and Wi-Fi in your Information Hub for ContractsCon In-Person Ticket Holders.

Thank you to our sponsors! 

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