How In-House Lawyers and Professionals Master Real-World Contract Skills

Our training will give you the skills you need to draft and negotiate with confidence, protect your company, and advance your career.

We will train you and your team on the most important contract skills you need to succeed working in-house:

practical approaches for managing contract risk while getting deals done.

As an in-house attorney or professional, you don't have time to mess around. Your business team needs you to understand the business-critical documents they handle every day. 

You don't need vague CLE that offers information that's too high level to be useful. You need answers.

You need to know exactly what to change and when, why you can concede on this point but not that, and how to make the call when you have too little time and not enough information.

How to Contract solves this training challenge by providing you with all the know-how and insights you need without placing a heavy demand on your time or budget. 

Our training focuses on the fundamentals of working with the contracts that in-house lawyers and professionals handle every day.

Come join all the lawyers and professionals we've already helped, including

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Here are some of the companies whose lawyers and professionals have already benefited from How to Contract's practical training programs...

Meet Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO of How to Contract

Laura spent her legal career looking for good practical contract training. But she never found the kind of training that told her exactly what to say in our commercial contracts when, and whySo she decided to create it herself.

Laura took all the sophisticated expertise and nuanced insights she developed from her 26 years as a commercial contracts lawyer working in Big Law and in cutting-edge companies like Tesla.

Now she created the practical contract training tips, resources, courses, and events she wished she had when she was learning how to draft and negotiate.  

How to Contract offers zero-fluff, to-the-point lessons on exactly what to say, why, and when in contracts and negotiations - giving you the strategies and tools to draft and negotiate in the real world. 

There's no doubt in my mind. You CAN become a drafting and negotiating superstar. You just need the RIGHT training.

Imagine feeling confident when your manager or client send you a new contract.  You know you have the skills and expertise to ensure it says what it should and nothing it shouldn't. 

What if you felt that way ALL THE TIME instead of those bouts of fear and panic, worried you're going to royally screw something up?

How much easier would your job be if you could operate independently, without needing constant feedback on core contract concepts, and with your manager confident in your skills and expertise?

How to Contract will help you improve your skills and fall in love with contracts.

Because contracts can be so much fun when you know what you are doing. 

How to Contract has two training options for you and your team

Join Our Training Membership

Our members have access to the expansive library of Laura's contract training resources and receive discounts on paid training events. Plus annual members can participate in Laura's weekly Ask Me Anything office hours.


Attend Our Training Events

We have one-off paid training events that offer more in-depth training. Our next big event is ContractsCon, a two-day training extravaganza in person in Miami and virtual worldwide on February 16-17, 2023.


Our Training Incorporates TermScout's Leading Contract Market Data

How to Contract has partnered with TermScout to bring their contract market data to How to Contract training!  

TermScout Founder and CEO Otto Miguel Hanson said it best: "Good contracting requires good data and strong subject matter expertise. While TermScout is compiling and sharing the data that contract experts need to inform their strategies, Laura brings the subject matter expertise to help them process that data. Users will now get both the objective data from TermScout, and more nuanced analysis and practical guidance from Laura. It’s a match made in heaven.”

An Essential Deskbook for Every Lawyer and Contract Professional 

Laura is leading a revolution in contract training, stepping away from bland training approaches and focusing on providing real-world context for fundamental concepts. The new second edition debuted in October 2022 and features 322 contract tips, each with one of her signature single scene cartoons. Her love of contracts and relatable writing style make this book a must have for those new to contracts, as well as seasoned lawyers and professionals wanting to refresh their understanding of the fundamentals. Click here to buy your copy on Amazon today. You can also click here to listen for free to Laura read the first four chapters.

What is holding you back from taking your contract skills from good to AMAZING?

Picture of a man saying he's missing things but doesn't know what he doesn't know

"I know I'm missing things, but I don't know what I don't know."

Learn what everyone who works with contracts needs to know in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way that is relatable to your job.

"I never had a mentor explain the practical ins and outs of contracts."

Learn from Laura Frederick and other contracts experts what you need to know and develop better contracts skills.

"I don't have  the time. I just want someone to explain to me what I need to know."

 How to Contract is no-fluff. We provide a shortcut to learning what used to take lawyers their entire career to figure out

If that sounds like you, then you're in luck.

How to Contract will help you understand the practical contract techniques and nuances you've been wanting to learn. 

Looking for an Enterprise Solution? 

How to Contract can protect your company by  strengthening your team's skills.

You want to train your team but most of the options are off the mark.

  • Most CLEs and contract training courses focus on lessons gleaned from contract case law or explain a narrow set of concepts and clauses only at a high level.
  • Self-education is impractical. There’s a massive amount of information on contracts, but no guidance on what it is we really need to know.
  • On-the-job training is haphazard especially when times are busy.
  • I was expected to handle whatever came my way. I didn't have the luxury of saying this isn't my job. If it was a commercial contract, that was my job.

On top of that, it's hard to make sure your team is getting training when all of you are stretched so thin just keeping up with the work.

But there is a solution.

With a How to Contract membership, your internal clients and broader team of stakeholders can learn the skills and gain the confidence they need to handle your company's everyday contract needs.

It’s time to get going with a convenient, comprehensive, and cost-efficient program designed to give lawyers and professionals advanced knowledge of contract law on their terms.

Learn More About Our Enterprise Options

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