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Learn what your contracts should say and why


Join 6,000+ lawyers and in-house teams getting our free weekly newsletter with practical real-world contract advice from Laura Frederick and other contract superstars.

Learn what your contracts should say and why



Join 6,000+ lawyers and in-house teams getting free weekly contract tips and advice from Laura Frederick, one of the world's leading contract experts and trainers.

Learn practical real-world contract skills, the kind that lawyers and in-house contract teams need to work with the contracts they handle all the time.

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We've trained 1,000s of lawyers and contract teams at top companies around the world, including

You CAN become a contract drafting and negotiating superstar.  


You just need the RIGHT training.

Imagine feeling confident when your manager or client send you a new contract.  You know you have the skills and expertise to ensure it says what it should and nothing it shouldn't. 

What if you felt that way ALL THE TIME instead of those bouts of fear and panic, worried you're going to royally screw something up?

How much easier would your job be if you could operate independently, without needing constant feedback on core contract concepts, and with your manager confident in your skills and expertise?

How to Contract will help you improve your skills and (just maybe) fall in love with contracts.


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