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With Contract Essentials courses, lawyers and in-house contract teams receive the knowledge and expertise to effectively and efficiently draft and negotiate commercial contracts.


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Our courses explain practical training on real-world approaches to drafting and negotiating B2B commercial contracts.

Our Featured Courses

Indemnification Mastery

This 4.5 hour on-demand course dives deep into the subtleties and nuances of indemnification provisions. It's a more in-depth learning experience compared to our 2-hour Indemnification Essentials course. 

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How to Draft and Counsel Your Team on AI Contracts

This on-demand course, How to Draft and Counsel Your Team on AI Contracts, was recorded in May 2024. You'll learn from strategies and techniques used by our panel of 12 sophisticated lawyers working on the cutting-edge of AI products.

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We all need to know the essentials.

These 2-hour Contract Essentials courses explain core concepts you need to know if you draft and negotiate commercial contracts.

Indemnification Provisions

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Limitation of Liability Provisions

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Intellectual Property Provisions

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Non-Disclosure Agreements

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Boilerplate Provisions

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Meet your instructor, Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO of How to Contract

Laura Frederick is a technology transactions lawyer by training. She worked on contracts throughout her career. Laura founded How to Contract in 2021 to share the expertise she developed through her experience in Big Law and as in-house commercial counsel at a variety of companies including Tesla. And now she is offering an affordable training membership to help people like you get the training you need to be confident and successful in your work. 

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Let Laura Frederick train you and your team on what to say in your contracts and why. Our on-demand courses and focus on the fundamentals, we provide actionable insight and advice that your team can apply right away, all at an affordable price.

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