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How to Contract is ready to help lawyers and professionals like you tackle the world of commercial contracts.

We all face challenges learning practical contract skills.

For some us, it is learning the basics.

For some, it is understanding the nuances.

And for others of us, we need ongoing refreshers.

How to Contract membership is the answer to this recurring challenge.

We offer attorneys and professionals who work with contracts what they need in one place to become highly proficient with business-critical documents.

How to Contract Offers the Training You Need to Protect Your Company and Advance Your Career

Experienced contract lawyers and professionals understand that education never ends. Staying at the forefront of our field requires us to continually sharpen our skills. After all, we operate in a living, breathing industry. Foundational training in contracts is essential, but it’s just that—a foundation. There’s always more to learn, no matter where your career takes you. That leads to these questions: 

  • If you are an In-house counsel or professional, how do you ensure that you continue learning to maintain your hard-earned edge?
  • If you lead a team of lawyers or professionals working with contracts, how do you keep your team engaged and learning to you can continue to operate efficiently while protecting the company? 

Reduce Your Stress and End Your Imposter Syndrome With Our Training

It's incredibly stressful when you lack confidence in your or your team's contract skills. 

You want to get the best deal for your company. You and your team do your best, but you know you're missing things and frustrated that you can’t provide the  sophisticated contracting support your company needs.

If this sounds like you, let me tell you that you are not alone.

EVERY lawyer and contract professional has been in your situation.

But don’t despair.

You CAN develop the skills to draft and negotiate contracts like a master.

If you want to learn practical skills that you can put to use in your job TODAY, then we have the solution for you.

It is the How to Contract membership.

Imagine one of your business clients hands you an important contract that needs review. 

You’ll know what to look for in your review and how to draft the critical points.

You’ll enter the negotiations with that confidence, comfortable that you’ve got the skills and knowledge to protect your company or client. 

You’ll find joy in your work because you know what you need to do instead of worrying about what you don’t know. Working with contracts will be a breeze instead of feeling like a chore.

Get These Benefits with an Annual Membership

Video Training Library

You'll get immediate access to 20+ hours of Laura's training on practical contracting techniques and tactics for negotiating common provisions and issues.

Member-Only Contract Tools

You can download 45+ checklists, guides, negotiating scripts, and more to help you know what to say and when in your contracts.

Weekly Office Hours with Laura

Annual members can join Laura Frederick on her weekly office hours to ask contract questions and connect with other members. 

Digital Membership Badge

You can show off your investment and commitment on your web page or social media with this digital badge. 

Exclusive LinkedIn Group

You'll benefit from the the group's insights and expertise when you ask questions in our exclusive LinkedIn group.

Online Access to All the Tips

You'll get access to Laura Frederick in our weekly office hours to ask whatever questions you have. 

What do monthly members get? Monthly members receive one new subject of video training to watch and contract tools to download each month. Monthly members can join the LinkedIn group and access all the tips., but do not get access to office hours calls nor receive a digital badge.

"So what kind of videos and contract tools are included in the member library?"

We've cataloged most of the training included in the member library.  Annual members get access to everything immediately, while monthly members get access to one new subject each month.

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