The How to Contract Story

Learn how Laura Frederick fulfilled her career-long dream to offer real-world contract training

Laura loves everything about contracts. And she loves helping others learn about contracts so they discover the same kind of joy. 

Laura spent the last 25+ years practicing law across the globe from San Francisco to Singapore. Learning the ropes at international firms such Morrison & Foerster turned into leading commercial deals at Fortune 500s like Tesla. In each role, she focused on learning the ins and outs herself and helping her clients and coworkers understand contract nuances. After working for others her whole career, in 2019 she went to work for herself.  She practiced in her boutique law firm for five years, closing shop in December 2023 to focus full-time on How to Contract. 

While Laura was successful in-house commercial contracts attorney, she spent her life focused on her work and her kids. That changed in August 2020, when Laura began sharing daily contract tips as part of a 30-day challenge of posting on LinkedIn. Her posts were an immediate success. She started adding to each post a self-made funny cartoon that quickly became her trademark.

Following the success on LinkedIn, Laura published two editions of her Amazon bestseller on contracts - “​Practical Tips on How to Contract” - that has sold over 7,000 copies. The book has been embraced by several law schools and law school professors.

In March 2021, Laura launched How to Contract, a contract training business focused on helping lawyers and in-house contract teams learn real-world contract skills. In the years since, she's delivered 100+ hours training to thousands of lawyers and professionals around the world. How to Contract has become the go-to solution for lawyers and professionals wanting real-world training on contracts.

Laura added workshops and a training conference. The first conference (under the prior name How to Contract Conference) was virtual only due to Covid. Laura followed that up in February 2023 with the first in-person conference under the name ContractsCon. Over 200 people attended in person and 400 people virtually.  Now ContractsCon has moved to Las Vegas and will take place in person in Las Vegas and virtually worldwide on January 17 to 19, 2024. 

Here are some of the sources that featured Laura and How to Contract in articles and podcasts...

Want to Know the True Secret Behind How to Contract's Success? 

Meet Benny, the world's first canine Zen Master. 

While Laura is the public face to How to Contract, Benny is the heart of the outfit. He sits all day in his office dog bed, inspiring Laura and keeping her balanced. Even squirrels sitting a few inches from his nose cannot disrupt his calm oneness with the universe.

Here are some images of Laura's book in the wild

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