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You can customize your training to match your goals, whether it's a 2-hour overview through our Indemnification Essentials course or a 4+-hour deeper dive with our Indemnification Mastery course. 

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Our indemnification courses will help you ramp up your expertise and skills so you can draft and negotiate indemnification provisions with confidence. 

We have indemnification training to meet your needs and budget

We offer two indemnification courses - Indemnification Essentials and Indemnification Mastery. The core lessons are the same, but the Mastery adds 2.5 more hours of details and nuances to the training. With the Mastery course, Laura has time to explain even more key drafting techniques and negotiation strategies 

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Here's exactly what you'll learn

Laura Frederick explains complex indemnification concepts using her signature straightforward training style while using silly storylines to make the material more engaging.  

Module 1 - Indemnification Concepts
  • What is indemnification?
  • Relationship to¬†insurance and limitations of liabilities
  • Using indemnification as a risk management tool¬†
  • Differences when¬†indemnification is a one-way obligation compared to a mutual provision
Module 2 - Core Obligations
  • Nuances of the terms indemnify, hold harmless, and defend
  • How to match your approach on the defend element to your business goals
  • Strategies for deciding¬†whom to include as indemnified parties
Module 3 - Scope 
  • What to include in losses and claims language
  • Different strategies for nexus language
  • Why using third-party claims language instead of bilateral claims is so important¬†
Module 4 -Individual Claims
  • Core concepts for IP¬†infringement, bad conduct, products claims, and¬† contract breaches
  • Drafting for your specific use case
  • Techniques for narrowing and broadening each claim
Module 5 - Exclusions and Mitigation
  • How and when to add exclusions to the scope
  • What to say IP infringement remedies
Module 6  - Indemnification Process 
  • What the process component should include as an indemnifying and an indemnified party
  • Addressing settlement and other rights

Check out these amazing course bonuses!

You'll receive $800 of extra value at no additional cost
  • Laura's Indemnification Playbook to keep forever ($400 value):¬†This Excel-formatted playbook is yours to keep forever.¬†It includes¬†62 rows of Laura's advice, including typical language, pro-indemnifying party and pro-indemnified party concerns, revisions, and scripts.
  • Indemnification contract tools ($200 value): Download and keep these PDF job aids on indemnification, including a checklist, negotiation script, guide and more.¬†
  • 12 months of online access to Laura's contract tips and cartoons ($200 value): You'll be able to search by keyword or browse by category. Includes 44 tips on negotiation not included in her book.

Meet your instructor, Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO of How to Contract

Laura Frederick is a technology transactions lawyer by training. She worked on IP contracts throughout her career. In this workshop, she'll share the expertise she developed through her experience in Big Law and as in-house commercial counsel at a variety of companies including Tesla.

Now is the time to improve your skills and your confidence. 

2-Hour Indemnification Essentials


(Member price, $195 for others)

  • 2+ hours¬†of practical training¬†by Laura Frederick with short insightful clips on specific issues from Laura's hand-picked indemnification experts
  • Audio-only recording¬†of¬†the course to listen to on your commute or walk.
  • One year of access to all the video content, but keep your copy of the playbook and job aids forever
  • Accessible via the mobile app¬†
  • BONUS #1: Laura's Indemnification Provision Playbook¬†with sample language, issues, and suggested edits (personal license only) ($400 value)
  • BONUS #2: Tools designed by Laura to help you do your job, including checklist, guide, negotiation script, and more ($200 value)
  • BONUS #3: 60+ minutes of additional training videos on indemnification and related topics¬†
  • BONUS #4:¬†Online access to all of Laura's¬†contract tips and cartoons ($200 value)

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4-Hour Indemnification Mastery


(Member price, $395 for others)

  • Everything included in the Indemnification Essentials Course¬†but with 4+ hours of on-demand practical training¬†by Laura Frederick,¬†including¬†short clips on specific issues from Laura's hand-picked indemnification experts¬†

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