Contract Essentials Course

Your Shortcut to Mastering IP Provisions

Finally feel confident drafting and negotiating intellectual property provisions by taking this Contract Essentials course. Learn from Laura Frederick what you need to know to work on IP provisions in your commercial contracts. 

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Our Contract Essentials course will help you ramp up your expertise and skills so you can draft and negotiate IP provisions with confidence.


Here's what you'll gain from this game-changing experience:

  • Comprehensive understanding of general IP concepts:¬†Develop a strong foundation in¬† intellectual property, from intangible nature to statutory limits on ownership dynamics.
  • Essentials about each type of IP: Improve your expertise by focusing in on what contract drafters and negotiators need to know.¬†
  • Detailed word-by-word explanation of each of the 16 parts of a standard license provision:¬†Learn¬† what each word means and when to change it.¬†
  • Practical insights into key IP issues:¬†Laura will teach you core concepts about IP ownership, explain the licensing landmines in SaaS and other cloud terms, and how to get your IP assignments right.

What you'll learn from this course


  • Module 1 -¬†Core intellectual property concepts¬†
    • Explore why we must approach IP provisions differently than other terms and the conceptual nuances that create confusion.
  • Module 2 -¬†What you need to know about IP types and ownership
    • IP law is expansive and difficult to master.¬†We'll focus on the key concepts about each type we need to know working with typical commercial contracts.
  • Module 3 - Deep dive into IP license provisions
    • Learn the 16 parts in in a typical IP license provision. Laura explains one-by-one why it is there, when you need it, and how.
  • Module 4 - Digital licenses¬†and other IP provisions
    • Learn how to navigate when you need an IP license and when you don't. Review IP-related provisions to make sure you know how to craft your contract.¬†
  • Module 5 - IP assignment concepts
    • Learn how assignment provisions work in the real-world and how to draft and negotiate them so you don't leave your client exposed.
  • Module 6 -¬†Ask Laura Anything
    • Audience members at our live workshop asked Laura to explain challenges and questions from their day-to-day experiences with contracts.¬†

How to Contract's practical training programs are making a difference to lawyers and professionals around the world.

We really, really, really want to help you master IP provisions, so we've included TONS of extras

Laura's IP Playbook in Excel

Provisions, alternatives from each side of a deal

2+ hour audio recording

Listen during your break or on your commute

Slide deck and transcripts

Follow along as you watch

Laura's IP tips and cartoons

Laugh and learn :)

Loads of job aids

Checklists, negotiation scripts, practical guides and more

Bonus video training

Access extra IP training 

Now is your chance to become an IP provision superstar!

IP Essentials Course


  • 120+ minutes of¬† practical training¬†created and taught exclusively by Laura Frederick¬†
  • Audio-only recording¬†of the entire 2+ hour training program
  • 12-month access to all the video content, but keep your copy of the playbook and job aids forever
  • Accessible via the Kajabi mobile app¬†
  • BONUS #1: Laura's IP Provision Playbook¬†with sample language, issues, and suggested edits (personal license only)
  • BONUS #2: Tools designed by Laura to help you do your job, including checklists, charts, guides, negotiation scripts, and more
  • BONUS #3: 60+ minutes of additional training videos on IP issues¬†

Meet your instructor, Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO of How to Contract

Laura Frederick is a technology transactions lawyer by training. She worked on IP contracts throughout her career. In this workshop, she'll share the expertise she developed through her experience in Big Law and as in-house commercial counsel at a variety of companies including Tesla.

This workshop is for you if you want to expand your IP skills and truly understand how to approach these critical provisions and concepts.

  • Lawyers
  • Contract managers
  • Paralegals
  • Procurement managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup founders
  • International lawyers
  • Legal operations professionals
  • Contract tech product teams and programmers
  • Risk managers

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