Contracts Drafted by Kids and for Kids

Our collection of contracts prepared by and negotiated with the next generation of lawyers. 

Contracts Drafted by Kids 

These contracts demonstrate some kids have untapped contracting talent.  They have great lawyering days ahead.

Bedtime Extension Agreement

Joey and Johnny negotiated an impressive deal in this contract. The terms provide that they get one minute of additional time to stay up to watch a movie in exchange for every 1.5 minutes of work they do for Frank cleaning the basement. What I particularly admired about their contract drafting was how they highlighted the existence of an offer, acceptance, and consideration. The contract drafting reflects a deal strategy that is thoughtful and well-organized. Law schools should keep an eye on these two promising legal minds, as they have the kind of intelligence and common sense that will make them great lawyers some day. Way to go Johnny and Joey!

Lego Playing Agreement

This is an example of creative thinking by a young contract drafter with a lot of potential. Elena Kohn's daughter Tanya (who also goes by Nyanya) proposes that she would unload the dishwasher if Elena agreed to play legos. I was particularly impressed by how Tanya added signatures right under each obligation. This structure enhances its enforceability. Great job Tanya! 

Contracts Prepared for Kids 

These contracts  were drafted by parents for use with their kids. You can download them in the Free Resources part of the How to Contract site. 

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Family Debit and Credit Card Agreement

This contract sets out the terms under which the parents agree to provide their kid with a debit or credit card. There are 12 provisions, each requiring the kid's initials, with signatures and acknowledgements by both the kids and both parents. It's a great way to have these discussions and make sure your child understands the expectations and responsibilities of having a card.

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Family Cell Phone Agreement

This contract sets out the  child's responsibilities when they receive a cell phone. There are provisions that set time limits on use, requirement to maintain grades, notifying parents if there is suspicious activity, and restrictions on use by others.

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Family Holiday Contract

This contract, contributed by Sarah Fox, explains the rules for receiving and spending holiday money. I especially like the requirement that the child ask for the money in the presence of both parents "to avoid accidental or deliberate overpayment."

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