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We asked people to identify their favorite contract song. The answers ranged from Lion King's Hakuna Matata the Rolling Stones' Can't Get No Satisfaction. 

Which song do you think best represents contracts?

 Are there any we missed?


Meet Laura Frederick

"As an ex-Tesla and ex-Big Law commercial contracts attorney, I know how contracts work in the real world. You get access to all my insights and expertise with How to Contract training."

Laura spent her legal career looking for good practical contract training. Most contract training courses focus on how to draft clearly based on contract case law or explain a narrow set of concepts and clauses only at a high level. The challenge is, they don't go far enough. So, she set about creating resources, training and specialist coaching for attorneys across the US.

How to Contract® offers zero-fluff, to-the-point lessons on exactly what to say, why, and when in contracts and negotiations - giving you the strategies and tools to draft and negotiate in the real world.

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