It's Time to Get Real About SaaS Contracts


Tune in to learn best practices for negotiating  different elements of SaaS and cloud services agreements.

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Our latest training series is 

"SaaS Contracts in the Real World."

Let's say you are tasked with reviewing a counterparty's SaaS contract only to find yourself starting at it, not sure where to start. You're thinking things like:

"Is that language ok?"

"Should I change that section or leave it alone?"

"Where do I even start trying to explain my changes to the other side?"

In other words, "What should my SaaS contract say and how should I negotiate it?"

"And where am I supposed to learn all the nuances and techniques on how to work on SaaS contracts?"

That's the biggest challenge facing so many lawyers and professionals working on SaaS contracts.

Sure, some people have access to great training, but a lot of people don't. They are figuring it out on their own without a lot of resources available to them.

That is the exact problem we wanted to help solve. 

We created "SaaS Contracts in the Real World" to help you answer these and other SaaS contract questions.

Watching these episodes offers you a way to learn directly from experienced SaaS lawyers.

Now you know why we created this series. 

Let us explain how this new series will work. 

We know you probably have a lot of questions, so here are the three things you should know about this new series...

#1 - It's free to join us for the live recording

Each episode is recorded as a webinar and you can join us live. You can ask questions and join in the live chat with other attendees, all for no charge.

# 2 - It's free to access the latest episode

We'll be recording eight episodes between now and December. We'll feature the most recent episode in our Free and Fun Resources section on the How to Contract website.

#3 - All the episodes and materials will be available as part of our member library

While we are opening the recording and latest episode to everyone, we'll store the recordings in our library for paid monthly and annual members. Join How to Contract as a member and get access to all of them as part of your training library during your membership term.

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