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"I know I'm missing things, but I don't know what I don't know."

How to Contract's practical training programs explain contract concepts in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way that is relatable to your job.

"I never had a mentor explain the practical ins and outs of contracts."

How to Contract gives you access to the insight and expertise from experienced contract experts. They will explain what you need to do your job today.

"I don't have time to mess around. I need someone to explain the answers."

How to Contract is no-fluff. We provide a shortcut to learning what used to take lawyers their entire career to figure out

How to Contract will help you understand the practical contract techniques and nuances you've been wanting to learn

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How to Contract has already helped 800+ attorneys and professionals improve their contract skills through our membership and training events, plus 1,000s more who purchased Laura's book.


Here's what Rebecca, Aramide, and Martin have to say about How to Contract...

There is a grassroots revolution beginning in legal education, with more and more experienced practitioners beginning to share—rather than jealously silo—the benefit of years on the job. Laura Frederick is at the forefront of this revolution, and the members of her How To Contract membership include the best and brightest voices in our LinkedIn contract nerds community.”

– Rebecca Gray, Founder, The Entrepreneur's Lawyer

“I had this impression from Big Law before that contracts are about case law and what judges say. But now I’m in a role where I focus on the practical everyday terms of contracts - what do they mean, how can we allocate risk, and all these different aspects of it.  If you have contracts to review every day and are asking “What should I be looking at?,” then How to Contract is for you. You’ll find so much rich information and knowledge.”  

-- Aramide Fields, Former Big Law Litigation Partner and now Associate General Counsel

“I joined the How to Contract membership to expand my practical expertise.  I look forward each week to the newest checklist, guide, negotiation script, or other contract tools. The training on limits of liability was especially good. I would recommend it to lawyers looking for quality contract content."

- Martin Kotze, Law Firm Managing Director and Co-Founder of

Meet Laura Frederick

"Having worked inside Tesla and as a Big Law commercial contracts attorney, I know how contracts work in the REAL world."

Laura spent her legal career looking for good practical contract training. Most courses focus on lessons gleaned from contract case law or explain a narrow set of concepts and clauses only at a high level. Self-education is impractical - there’s a massive amount of information on contracts, but no guidance on what it is we really need to know. And on-the-job training is haphazard especially when times are busy.

So she decided to make it herself. She took all the sophisticated expertise and nuanced insights she developed from her 26 years as a commercial contracts lawyer and created the practical contract training tips, resources, courses, and events she always wanted to find. 

How to Contract offers zero-fluff, to-the-point lessons on exactly what to say, why, and when in contracts and negotiations - giving you the strategies and tools to draft and negotiate in the real world. 

"I created How to Contract to provide a better training solution."

How to Contract offers attorneys and professionals who work with contracts what they need in one place to become highly proficient with these business-critical documents. It solves this training challenge without placing a heavy demand on your time or budget.

This platform includes all of the insights and know-how she wishes she had when she was starting out. The lessons are as important for lawyers and professionals new to contracts as they are for those of who are more senior.

How to Contract Offers Two Ways to Get Connected and Access Our Training...


Your Access to Laura's Contract Training Library

Think of our membership as a college library. You can browse all the different resources and ask the librarian questions. There is no structure to your search, and you decide how long to stay. Except with a How to Contract membership, you have resources created by Laura and she's there to answer your questions.  

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Your Opportunity to Learn from Laura and Others During a Single Event

Think of our events as seeing a speaker at a campus event. The speakers were usually specialists and experts brought to campus to talk on topics outside your courses.  How to Contract events feature experienced contract lawyers who will share their contract expertise with you.

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