Learn How We Draft and Negotiate in the Real World

Contracts expert Laura Frederick explains what you need to know about contracts to protect your clients, negotiate with confidence, and advance your career.

Learn How We Draft and Negotiate in the Real World

Contracts expert Laura Frederick explains what you need to know about contracts to protect your clients, negotiate with confidence, and advance your career.

Hi, I'm Laura Frederick, ex-Tesla and ex-Big Law commercial contracts attorney I want to talk to you about practical contract training.  

I spent my legal career looking for good practical contract training.  I'm talking about zero-fluff, to-the-point lessons on exactly what to say, why, and when in contracts and negotiations. You know, how we draft and negotiate in the real world.

I found that most contract training courses focus on how to draft clearly based on contract case law or explain a narrow set of concepts and clauses only at a high level.

Self-education is impractical:  there’s a massive amount of information on contracts, but no guidance on what it is we really need to know. 

On-the-job-training is haphazard and set aside when times are busy.

As important as contracts are, there’s no platform for lawyers and professionals who want to improve their practical, real-world skills or those of their teams.

Until now. 

I created How to Contract to provide a better training solution. 

 How to Contract solves this challenge without placing a heavy demand on your time or budget.  

As a digital learning hub, How to Contract offers attorneys and professionals who work with contracts what they need in one place to become highly proficient with these business-critical documents.

This platform includes all of the insights and know-how I wish I had when I was just starting out. The lessons are as important for lawyers and professionals new to contracts as they are for those of us who are more senior.


My approach to contract training is different from most.

I teach exactly what to say, when, and why.

Exhaustive, word-by-word analysis of the fundamentals of contracts.

Guidelines of exactly what to change and when while drafting contracts.

Proven techniques for confidently approaching contract negotiations.

Training on how contracts work in the real world, not just in case law.

What How to Contract Training Means for You

Lawyers & Professionals

  • Learn only the skills you need without the extra fluff.
  • Increase confidence by increasing skills and eliminating uncertainty.
  • Become the go-to contract lead on your team.
  • Gain hard-to-find practical knowledge to grow your skills and advance more quickly.
  • Demonstrate commitment and initiative to your manager and company leadership.
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Law Firms 

  • Better serve clients through a stronger, smarter team.
  • Hand off high-priority work without worrying about execution.
  • Provide hard-to-find practical training from an Ex-Big Law technology transactions attorney.
  • Gain appreciation and loyalty from your people.
  • Attract premium talent with a worthwhile skills-development benefit.
  • Boost your bench strength for faster practice-area growth.
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  • Allow your lawyers and professionals to better focus on high-level needs.
  • Arm frontline managers with practical customer and vendor contract skills.
  • Provide in-demand skills to your people.
  • Assure leadership that all contracts are in capable hands.
  • Hold your internal clients more accountable for their contract responsibilities.
  • Increase organizational efficiency and ROI.
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Our Learning is Never Done

We will never know everything about contracts. There are always things to learn, master, conquer, and refresh.

That is where How to Contract comes in.  We offer a range of options for you and your team to develop your skills, gain confidence, and advance in your careers.

Now Is the Time to Strengthen

Your Skills, Your Team, Your Business

It’s time to get going with a convenient, comprehensive, and cost-efficient program designed to give lawyers and professionals advanced knowledge of contract law on their terms.

Lawyers & Professionals

My advice has always been don’t tell, show. Don’t tell the partners and legal department leads that you want more training, show them that you’re taking it upon yourself to learn. How to Contract will show them faster and more effectively than any other program.

And so we’re clear, this is no crash course. If your goal is functional, there are options out there that can help you get by. My goal is to make you skilled. Functional might prep the redline, but skilled leads the discussion. 

Take Control of Your Legal Career

Law Firms

Law firms don’t survive with just partners performing all the work. They need a team of lawyers and professionals to manage legal review and counseling of their clients on contracts. This allows them to ensure these clients receive sound legal guidance at all times.

The challenge is how to help your team develop those skills without cutting into your partners and senior attorneys' billable hours. Enter How to Contract. Let me take some of this training off their plate so that your people can start doing even more.

Build a Skilled Team of Contract Experts


During my 14 years as an in-house counsel, I worked on commercial contracts and dealt with their disputes and hiccups. I had to handle whatever came my way regardless of the amount of work required. So I understand how backbreaking the demands placed on legal departments can be.

How to Contract helps you redistribute that load so you’re not limping home each day. Help your internal clients and broader team of stakeholders learn the skills and gain the confidence they need to handle your company's everyday contract needs.

Introduce Scalable Contract Training

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Legal Training, Not Legal Advice

This site is provided solely for training purposes. This site is not a law firm and nothing said on this site by Laura Frederick or anyone else should be taken as legal advice. Consult a licensed attorney for information specific to your circumstances.

Our Founder and CEO Laura Frederick is a Texas-licensed attorney. She provides legal services through Laura Frederick Law PLLC, a law firm based in Austin, Texas that helps sophisticated businesses negotiate vendor contracts.