Duplicate Numbers Lead to Contract Mistakes

laura's contract tips Feb 11, 2024

Let me tell you about one of the easiest ways to screw up a contract.

You’ve seen it. You may even have done it. (I have.) I’m talking about inconsistent numbers. Things like:

  • Seller will send the notice within sixty (30) days.
  • Buyer will pay one thousand dollars ($10,000).

I believe this is the easiest mistake to make in a contract. And the easiest one to prevent.

How? Stop writing numbers this way.

Follow regular grammar rules when using numbers. Don’t use this silly repeating pattern that some lawyers adopted at some point.

If you don’t know the rules, do a quick Google search. There are explanations online on how to display numbers in writing correctly. And I’m open to whatever style you want to use. Because whether you write 10 or ten, I understand what you mean. It’s when you write “eleven (10)” that I get confused.

Let’s band together to stop using this outdated and problematic double-number approach. Together we can prevent number errors before they happen.


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