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Free Webinars and Training Videos

In this 54-minute webinar, government contracts expert Christoph Mlinarchik shares his insights into what contract lawyers need to know about government contracts.

In this 78-minute webinar, Laura Frederick and David Fligor do a deep dive into how to draft and negotiate intellectual property indemnity provisions.

In this 9-minute video clip from our Cloud Service Agreement workshop, Jennee DeVore explains how to negotiate professional services provisions as part of a cloud service agreement.

Free Contract Tools

This two-page guide explains the eight steps you should take to create an execution version of a contract.

This 14-point checklist guides you through a typical arbitration provision, identifying key concepts to include and decisions to make.

This four-page negotiation script outlines eight concepts in an indemnification provision and potential approaches and potential arguments for each concept.

This  ebook includes ten of Laura's contract tips for negotiating contracts, each with one of her signature cartoons.

Free Contracts for Kids


Family Cell Phone Agreement
Family Debit and Credit Card Agreement
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