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Negotiate better liability provisions  

Our 2-hour essentials course will train you on the essential strategies and techniques we use in the real world to draft and negotiate limitation of liability provisions.

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This Contract Essentials Course will help you gain more confidence and clarity about drafting and negotiating limitation of liability provisions in commercial contracts. 


You'll gain:

  • Insights into how contract liability works and ways we manage it within the agreement, including with caps and waivers,
  • Risks associated with consequential damages waivers, including traps for drafting provisions with unintended consequences
  • Practical approaches to tailoring caps on liability that work in different commercial relationships.
  • Special liability limit issues, including supercaps and insurance issues

What you'll learn from this course 

Laura Frederick explains these concepts, using storytelling and silly elements to make the material more engaging. 


Module 1 - Core Concepts

  • Fundamentals about damages and contract liability
  • Explanation of the different types of damages and liability

Module 2 - Drafting strategies

  • Role of liability provisions in relationship
  • How to decide on¬† provisions' structure and terms
  • Vendors and customers' different approaches and strategies¬†

Module 3 - Consequential Damage Waiver

  • Review how consequential damage waivers work in the real world and why we have to be very careful with them
  • Break down the eight parts of each waiver, what it means, and why it is important (or not so much)
  • Advice on when to fight for certain concepts and when to concede

Module 4 - Liability Caps and Exclusions

  • Deep dive into different drafting strategies to expand or reduce the liability cap, with examples of wording approaches
  • Supercaps and strategies for customizing caps to the deal and parties
  • Common exclusions and legal limitations on liability cap provisions

Module 5 - Common Limitation of Liability Pitfalls and Mistakes

  • What the process component should include as an indemnifying and an indemnified party
  • Addressing settlement and other rights

Module 6 - Ask Laura Anything

  • Laura answers¬†limitation of liability¬†questions¬†from the audience attending the live workshop on November 16, 2023.

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We REALLY want to help you master limitation of liability provisions, so we've lots of bonuses included 

Laura's Limitation of Liability Playbook in Excel

Provisions, alternatives from each side of a deal

2+ hour audio recording

Listen during your break or on your commute

Slide deck and transcripts

Follow along as you watch

Laura's damages and liability tips and cartoons

Laugh and learn :)

Loads of job aids

Checklists, negotiation scripts, practical guides and more

Bonus video training

Access extra limitation of liability training 

Meet your instructor, Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO of How to Contract

Laura Frederick is a technology transactions lawyer by training. She worked on IP contracts throughout her career. In this workshop, she'll share the expertise she developed through her experience in Big Law and as in-house commercial counsel at a variety of companies including Tesla.

Now is your chance to become an limitation of liability superstar!

Limitation of Liability Essentials Course


  • 2.5 hours of practical training¬†created and taught exclusively by Laura Frederick
  • Audio-only recording¬†of the entire training program
  • 12 months of access to¬†the training videos, but keep your copy of the playbook and job aids forever
  • BONUS #1: Laura's¬†Limitation of Liability Playbook¬†with sample language, issues, and suggested edits (personal license only)
  • BONUS #2: Training aids¬†designed by Laura to help you work on¬†limitation of liability provisions, including checklists, charts, guides, negotiation scripts, and more
  • BONUS #3: 1.5 additional hours of video training on¬†limitation of liability¬†provisions¬†


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