How To Use Detachment In The Face Of Difficult Negotiations

May 15, 2024

“Some negotiations are just tough.

 ➡ The contract is imperfect because we don't have time to fix everything.

 ➡ The counterparty won't see reason so we have to approve provisions that we don't like.

 ➡ We have to concede on points that we know are wrong or make no sense to get the deal done.

 These tough negotiations are a reminder that our job often is the epitome of it is good enough.

And that is a really tough for lawyers and professionals to accept. And sometimes, it feels like it is too much to bear. Our frustration and powerlessness create stress, anxiety, and heartache.

When I'm struggling with the emotional and mental toll of a difficult negotiation, I turn to detachment to preserve my calm and maintain my focus.

Detachment to me is about acknowledgment and acceptance.

❤ I acknowledge how I feel and how hard the situation is. I acknowledge that I'm not in control and can't make the counterparty act a different way.

❤ Then I accept the situation as it is.

❤ And I accept that I am doing my best and that is all I can do.

I've found this process makes a world of difference for me when I find myself in t difficult negotiation.”

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