Introducing Four Approaches to Improving Compliance

Aug 25, 2022

One of the companies' most troubling contract risks is when unauthorized employees sign contracts.

They do not have the authority to bind the company. They don't know the corporate requirements. But they sign it anyway.

Here are 4 approaches that work well to improve compliance:

1. Make sure the policy is publicized, accessible, workable, and easy to understand

Your people may be unaware it exists or what it says. Or they may not understand why it is so important.

2. Arrange for your senior executives to promote it

Don't just rely on the employees finding it on your intranet. The message is much more powerful if it comes from their boss. Or even better, their boss's boss.

3. Ensure your senior executives are complying, too

In some companies, executives refuse to comply. It is no wonder their teams won't.

4. Highlight the consequences

Some employees resist compliance. When you see that attitude, you can explain it in terms of their self-interest. You can highlight that they'll likely be deposed if there is a dispute involving the document they signed.


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