Announcing the "You Can Contract" Podcast

May 03, 2023

Laura Frederick announced a new podcast called You Can Contract. Here's what she said about the idea for the show and what it will include:

"I've been searching for two and a half years for the right approach to creating a podcast.

I first thought about doing one in late 2020, but I waited. From the beginning, I decided that I would not create one until I had clarity and confidence about the format.

It had to fit my mission of supporting and empowering people as they learn contracts.

It had to be more than just standard interviews or me sharing contract tips.

It had to be a vehicle for helping people in a way that was different from the training content I offer through my books and training library at How to Contract.

Then, in late February this year, right after ContractsCon, I had that aha moment when the name popped into my head.

"You Can Contract"

It was perfect.

It embodied the message I wanted to deliver and the stories I wanted to tell. The rest fell in place once I had the name.

This podcast isn't about drafting a particular provision.

It isn't a general interview format.

In each episode, amazing lawyers and professionals share how they conquered their own self-doubts and developed their contracts expertise. They talk about the things that worked and where they struggled. They inspire by telling us how they eventually overcame the challenges and gained the confidence they have now.

My hope is that the show will help people see the different paths we take to learn contracts and help our teams get better.

πŸ“–That's the story of how the You Can Contract show was born.

I'm so thrilled to launch our first episode next week on May 10. You'll be able to watch the video episodes on the How to Contract YouTube channel or listen on your favorite podcast channel.

Go to the to get notice when we launch. We'll be including links to each episode as part of our Thursday newsletter.

I'm so excited that it is finally happening and can't wait for you to hear the stories and advice from my amazing guests. πŸ’–πŸ˜