What We Do As In-House Contract Lawyers And Professionals

May 08, 2024

“Yes, we work on contracts.

But that is often just a small part of the job. It is the equivalent of saying a CPA's job is math.

We are first and foremost risk mitigators.

Our job is to learn everything we can about the types of risks we face with our business and counterparties and then draft, negotiate, and manage contracts to make it not so risky.

To do that, we need to understand pretty much everything about the company. And when I say everything, I mean everything.

We do this so we can help steer the deals to provide the best protection possible.

We have to understand the products - the engineering, the quality control, the suppliers, the shipment, the problems, and everything else.

But we don't stop with the products. We also have to know about everything else the company does - accounting, marketing, HR, IT, manufacturing, product development. Etc., etc., etc.

Commercial contracts lawyers and professionals are jacks of all trades.

Joining a company to work on commercial contracts can be quite overwhelming at first. But for most of us, the breadth of knowledge and responsibility becomes the best part of the job.”

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