Headline is why I love contracts. Picture is woman drafting contracts at a computer.

Why I Love Contracts

Feb 28, 2022

I count myself among all the lawyers and professionals in the world who love contracts.

Here's why.

I love the challenge of drafting and negotiating, with each contract different from the next, even if covering the same subject.

I love helping my clients navigate through the process and decide what to demand and ultimately what to concede.

I love the dynamic of dealing with the counterparty, including all of their legal, business, and technical leads.

I love learning about the business and technology and how I have to understand it to properly draft the documents.

I love the complexity of the law, how many subjects we cover, and how legal issues cross over and affect each other.

I love trying to pick the best words that convey what you want to say and will be acceptable to the other side.

I love the arrangement of the words in a logical and well-organized pattern, with no duplicative concepts, and free of sentences that shouldn't be there.

Of course, it is hard to love contracts when working on them triggers all of your stress and anxiety about not being sure what to say or how to negotiate. Ongoing study of the subject was how I got past those feelings. 

I built How to Contract to help others get past the imposter syndrome and fall in love with contracts too.