The How to Contract Story

Practical Knowledge from a Practicing Lawyer

I love the study of contracts, but I’m not an academic.  

I’ve spent the last 25 years practicing law across the globe from San Francisco to Singapore. Learning the ropes at international firms like Morrison & Foerster turned into leading commercial deals at Fortune 500s like Tesla. Invaluable hands-on experiences, each and every one of them.

Which brings us to today.  

I’m humbled yet proud to say my firm, Laura Frederick Law PLLC, has quickly become a go-to partner for sophisticated businesses that need help with their vendor contracts.

We provide precise and practical legal advice, not dozens of contingencies dotted with “it depends.” Our clients appreciate the value we bring:  highly efficient and easy to work with expert counsel.

Those attributes translate directly to this platform. 

How to Contract is a practical-but-enjoyable way to become a highly-skilled contract lawyer without the typical investment of time and money you find elsewhere.

Whether you’re a law clerk or in-house counsel, a contract manager or CEO, I look forward to helping you accomplish your contract training goals!  

Raise Your Hand if You’re a Lifelong Learner

Mine’s up, too. If you’re in the legal industry, you know that working with contracts requires continuous learning.  Not only does it take quite a while to really get comfortable with drafting and negotiating contracts, but there’s always more to uncover. Better techniques, changing laws, obscure provisions — it’s like peeling back the endless onion.

That’s why I enjoy working with lawyers and professionals who also love to learn and improve their drafting and negotiation skills. All throughout my career, I’ve continuously strived for improvement while sharing what I’ve learned through that process with my coworkers and clients.  

It’s this spirit of collaboration to get better and better in our field that inspired How to Contract. This is my way of supporting attorneys and business teams not just in my network, but all over the world.

Your Guide for a Complicated Subject

Working on commercial contracts is like being in the MASH unit of the legal world. Mounds of agreements tend to build up around us, so we need to quickly review and triage. Which ones need our close attention and which ones need to be touched up just enough to send back into the field.

We can do this only if we know contracts inside out. We need to understand what issues matter.  We need to be able to explain to clients and counterparties why we’re changing this word but not that one. 

This is what How to Contract teaches. As the consummate “how to” resource, it compiles the most effective techniques and best practices I’ve picked up over my 25+ years and still use on a daily basis.  It incorporates my experience working on small thousand-dollar contracts on one end to negotiating billion-dollar ones on the other.  And it packages all of this into manageable courses and an ongoing membership that will make you a better attorney and professional, period.

I'm ready to get started.  Let's go!

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