How to Contract and Law Insider Join Forces to Host ContractsCon 2023

Dec 06, 2022

We are thrilled to unveil exciting news: How to Contract and Law Insider join forces to make our upcoming ContractsCon 2023 even more unforgettable (find more details about the event below). 

Here is what Laura Frederick, founder and CEO of How to Contract, says about this partnership: “How to Contract is excited to join forces with Law Insider to elevate practical contract training to the next level. With ContractsCon, we are making it possible for anyone in the world to learn firsthand from our 18 contract superstars.” 

“At Law Insider, we share Laura’s vision to build a global community around contract drafting and negotiating best practices. We see ContractsCon 2023 as just the beginning of this vision, and look forward to designing more educational and networking experiences for Law Insider subscribers,” comments Preston Clark, co-founder of Law Insider (Law Insider is a subscription-based contract database and resource center that helps over 300,000 lawyers and contracts professionals draft and negotiate contracts more effectively).

Let’s recap a couple of things about ContractsCon 2023 in case you missed our previous updates. 

ContractsCon 2023 is a training and networking EXTRAVAGANZA focused on the practical contract drafting and negotiating skills that in-house counsel and contracts professionals need to know.

Scheduled for February 16-17th, 2023 both as an in-person and virtual event, ContractsCon is a zero-fluff, to-the-point training on the nitty-gritty details of contract drafting and negotiation. 

The conference will include:

  • 18 speakers who get the in-house experience and can explain why we draft the way we do
  • training centered around provision-level playbooks for you and your company to use when you return to work
  • workshops that provide a deeper dive into more nuanced topics and include interactive group activities

We will have three hosts — Laura FrederickFlo Nicolas, Esq, and Lisa Lang.

Then, the amazing Kwame Christian, founder and CEO of American Negotiation Institute, will deliver two 60-minute negotiation workshops to everyone who attends in person.

Also, the in-person attendees will benefit from four other 60-minute interactive practical workshops:

On top of that, both in-person and virtual ticketholders will get 6 hours of practical training from these 12 extraordinary lawyers covering the following topics:

Ready to become a contract drafting superstar? Get your tickets here!

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